• February 17, 2020
  • by Konstantinos

How many times have you come across an inviting and beautiful picture from sailing holidays? You are now picturing yourself being part of this majestic scenery along with the persons you love and care the most. However, the very next moment your logic kicks in to lay out the challenges involved this picture. Challenges such us:  a) you are not a sailor, b) it must be very expensive or c) it can be too adventurous compared with the mainstream type of holidays that you have been having so far. These thoughts around sailing holidays are very common myths and we will try to take apart one by one in this article.

Only Sailors do Sail..

Just a Saturday afternoon short walk in one of the busiest Sail Marinas in Athens, Alimos, will convince you for the opposite. This is the time when the weekly charters begin so you will find yourself surrounded by excited people of all ages getting ready to set sail for holidays! The truth is that nowadays the vast majority of vacationers enjoying the crystal clear blue Greek waters on a sailboat have only been on an actual boat a handful of times. How comes. The market is offering plenty of experienced skippers that will gladly be the captains of your dream boat. The cost of the skipper is low compared to the service offered. A skipper will give people with no sailing experience the opportunity to sail to remote beaches and uncharted little gulfs and hop from one island to next. Some people call that the ultimate freedom! The only concern is selecting the right skipper. You need to make sure that you get a skipper that not only has the right experience but also the right attitude for you.

Sailing holidays are expensive

Many people make the mistake of comparing the cost of renting a sailboat with that of booking a hotel. Although one might impulsively favour staying in a hotel, the reality is different. Sailing boats are undoubtedly an affordable option with many extra benefits. When it comes to holidays in a hotel, you need to factor in hidden costs such as transportation to the island, car rental cost and longhairs in a crowded beach, to mention a few. On the contrary, if you decide to rent a sailboat, you spare yourself of all above costs since the boat will be your place to stay, means of transportation, and the best longhair! The daily cost per person of a brand-new sailboat that can accommodate up to 10 people varies between 40-70€ depending on the period. You may add another 15€ per person per day in case a skipper is also needed. Therefore, you only need to think about how to discover all the hidden gems Aegean Sea has to offer and stop worrying about the cost.

Too adventurous for me

Everyone loves the pictures of the beautiful and polished boats anchored in the calm and crystal clear waters. However, many people feel nervous at the prospect of finding themselves in the middle of a rough sea while going from one Island to the other. Guess what? Technology nowadays has made tremendous progress in producing highly reliable weather forecast tools. If the weather is not what you expected, all you have to do is extend your stay in a pristine gulf.  How bad can staying in places like Santorini, Hydra, Mykonos or Mylos really be? Secondly, countries like Greece normally offer ideal sailing conditions for almost every weather forecast given the proximity between the islands. Sailing areas like Saronic or Cyclades allow for quick crossings from one island to the other minimising, as a result, the risk of being exposed to bad weather for too long. Always remember in Aegean sea you are only a few miles away from a safe marina or hub to spend the day or night while enjoying the beautiful landscape of the Greek Islands.

Stay tuned till our next connect! Till then, safe travels with crystal clear skies and wind in your sails!

Dimitris -Bluetiful team.