• February 14, 2020
  • by Konstantinos

With spring being around the corner, many of us are starting to think about how to best spend “the summer holidays”. While there is a wide spectrum of types of holidays (mountain holidays, city breaks, activity-oriented holidays), one thing is certain: the majority of people prefer to spend their holidays in a place by the sea  where they can enjoy the sun and the food and they can discover something new and why not.. party under the full moon or the star luminous night sky. There are few ways to combine the above but sailing is your safe bet. This is why boat charter holidays gain more and more ground vs. other type of holidays. What are the key drivers behind this trend which is becoming more and more prevalent even among people with no prior sailing experience?

Get away, relax and rediscover yourself

If you had the chance to interview all the people that have just come back from their sailing holidays, the underlying theme in their responses would be the instant joy you feel the minute you hop on your boat and you see the distance between yourself and the departure port to be gradually increasing. You are soon left with yourself, your friends, the boat and the sea until the arrival of the first port on your way.

Why visit one place if you can visit more?

Assuming you have one or two weeks to spend, normally you pick one place to fly to, where you spend most of your time. One reason is that it is complex to fly/travel to another place every 2 days. The boat alternative is that you jump on the boat from the marina that is the closest to the airport, and then you set sail for the island of your choice. Nothing prevents you from visiting as many islands as you want in the given period. The boat is your base, your means of transport, your beach to put your towel on.

No need to be an experienced sailor

Many people that come across a beautiful picture of a sailboat anchored in turquoise crystal clear waters imagine themselves on it, but the very next moment they feel overwhelmed by a common feeling..  “Well, unfortunately I am not a skipper so I can’t really have that”. Well, people nowadays realise that not being a captain yourself is not really problem as there are plenty of professional skipper options that can sail you to your dream destinations. You just need to hire a skipper that meets your needs in terms of character and attitude. At Bluetiful we can ensure you that the skipper of your boat will be professional and experienced enough to make your sail vacation a dream vacation.

Waking up on the water

As mentioned above, holidays on a yacht allows for easy logistics. You wake up and you jump into the water right away, saving yourself the hassle of getting to a remote beach, finding a spot etc. The beauty of it (vs staying on a hotel on the beach) is that you can wake up every day on a different beach.

Connect with nature

Linked to the point made above about being easily disconnected from the real world, nature plays a big role in that. Using the wind for fuel, the sun as charger for the boat’s batteries and the sea to provide you with fresh fish (for those keen on fishing) that you would normally pay a fortune for to have in a restaurant, you immerse yourself into the ecosystem around you. Nature is where we come from and we tend to forget that in the big cities that most of us live. Similarly, considering the rising number of people with increased environmental awareness, it is no surprise that holidays on a sailboat is becoming a more preferable choice due to its friendly environmental footprint. All you need is a good downwind breeze, so you arrive to your next check point.

Cost cost cost

The raising number of people interested into sailing holidays has encouraged many investors to invest on new sailboats. Like in any other industry where the offer is increasing drastically, in charter industry the customer is on the advantageous position to choose their boat from a wide range of options that can start from 35€/person per day (including the skipper costs) depending on the type of boat and period. Clearly cruising has become affordable for many people that until recently mistakenly thought that cruising is not for everyone.

All the above were only a few of the key reasons why charter holidays with a sailboat has become so popular. There is not a better proof of concept than trying out yourself! Book your next holidays now!

Dimitris – Bluetiful team.